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From the state of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

A = Abundant, C = Common, P = Present

Musky (C)

Northern Pike (C)

Walleye (C)

Large Mouth Bass (P)

Small Mouth Bass (P)

Black Crappie (A)

Blue Gill (A)

Sun Fish  (C)

Yellow Perch (A)

Black Bullhead (P)

Yellow Bullhead (P)

White Sucker (C)

  • Lake Thompson
  • Oneida County
  • Surface Water Area: 411 acres
  • Shore Length: 6.7 miles
  • Maximum Depth: 30 Feet
  • Percent Greater than 20 feet = 20%
  • Percent Less than 3 feet = 15%
  • Secchi disk(Water Clarity): 6.5 feet
  • Water Color: Light Brown​
  • Lake Type: Drainage
  • Littoral Bottom Types: 55% Sand, 25% Muck, 15% Gravel, 5% Rubble
  • Basic Management: walleye, musky, bass, panfish
  • Muskellunge population is good for a lake of this size
  • Northern Pike are slow growing, but the species is self sustaining
  • Small Mouth and Large Mouth Bass and Pan fish populations are reproducing naturally

Walleye population is about average for the region, but natural reproduction is limited for this
species, and numbers are bolstered by stocking. The Rhinelander’s Morningside organization
stocks 7-10 inch Walleyes each October in Lake Thompson and Lake George.

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